{ title: “MoonScript Configuration Syntax” }

MoonScript Configuration Syntax

Configuration Example

The MoonScript configuration builder syntax uses function calls to define variables. The advantage to this approach over using a Lua table literal is that you can have logic surrounding your assignments. You can also freely mix regular table objects.

Here’s an example of the configuration DSL (domain specific language) and the table it generates:

some_function = -> steak "medium_well"

config "development", ->
  hello "world"

  if 20 > 4
    color "blue"
    color "green"

  custom_settings ->
    age 10
    enabled true

  -- tables are merged
  extra ->
    name "leaf"
    mood "happy"

  extra ->
    name "beef"
    shoe_size 12

    include some_function

  include some_function

  -- a normal table can be passed instead of a function
  some_list {

  -- use set to assign names that are unavailable
  set "include", "hello"
  hello: "world"
  color: "blue"

  custom_settings: {
    age: 10
    enabled: true

  extra: {
    name: "beef"
    mood: "happy"
    shoe_size: 12
    steak: "medium_well"

  steak: "medium_well"

  some_list: { 1,2,3,4 }

  include: "hello"